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The Tancook Ferry

The first ferry was built by Wesley Stevens in 1933 and owned by Willis Crooks, an engineer. It was called the Gerald L. C. and made its first run in 1935. Stanley Mason, a famous Tancook boat builder, built the second ferry. It made its first run in 1939 and could carry 25 passengers. It ran until 1944 and was called S.G. Mason.

In 1944 Stanley Mason built the T.I. Service which could carry 40 passengers, the mail, and a small amount of freight. In 1948 the provincial government bought the vessel and took over the ferry service. The T.I. Service operated until 1961.

In 1961 Dept. of Transportation built the Shoreham. It could hold 75 passengers and was better equipped to handle the growing needs of the islanders. It was more reliable in winter and could handle more freight. The Shoreham did its last run in June of 1982.

The present ferry, William G. Ernst  was built by Georgetown Shipyards in Prince Edward Island. It made its first run in June of 1982. It can hold 146 passengers and 4 crew- members. It is fitted with the most modern equipment, has a steel crane for loading freight, and is very reliable during the winter months.


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