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Martha Farrar runs the Tancook Island Museum. It is located in a small building beside the old store. She opened the museum in August 1995. 

Martha collected old paper items such as tax lists and papers that were in the old store. Then someone offered her an old barn of furniture. She had enough to open the museum.  

The reason Martha opened the museum was because she watched people burn down the Mason boat yard. She wanted to keep something of Tancook history so people of Tancook could see what Tancook used to be like.  

Martha likes seeing people going into the museum so they can see what people on Tancook Island used to have in their homes and workshops. 

The thing she doesn't like about the museum is that she wishes that it had proper doors and that it was a bigger building.

Her favorite item in the museum is the stove. The reason she likes the stove is that when she found it, it was in 200 pieces. Her cousin came and offered to fix it. It took a long time to put the stove back together. 

She thinks there are about 300 items in the museum.

In the summer time hundreds of people visit the museum. There is a guest book and they have a web site.  

Martha has done several special projects at the museum. Once she had Tancook students choose an item to do research on. We wrote up the reports and did drawings. They are displayed at the museum.



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